Hosting ZLTWC

Site Nomination Information

If you are interested in attracting significant attention to your site, promoting Laser Sport in your region and earning extra revenue then consider nominating to host the next Zone Laser Tag WorldChampionship.

Some of the benefits reported by previous hosts. Significant free publicity opportunities for the host site via media attention during the event. In 2014 the World Titles event attracted 2 television news reports on WIN and ABC Sunshine Coast as wellan ABC radio interview and numerous newspaper article.

Hosting the Zone Laser Tag World Titles is a prestigious and memorable experience. Simply being chosen to host the World’s, as the players know it, places your Laser Tag right in the spotlight of a rapidly growing sport andinto an elite group of sites. To increase the chances that your site is chosen,we suggest demonstrating to the councilhow you intend to utilise the event to progress Laser Tag in yourregion and show a willingness to cooperate with the council in any way possible to run a 1st class event.One of the main priorities of the council is having some flexibility with the arena setup and being able to make non-structural modifications to ensure the arena plays to a World Titles standard.

Consider the following benefits :

  • Significant social media attention to the host site from players and enthusiasts leading up to, and during the event , streaming live is now more popular than ever.
  • Increased revenue leading up to the event from local players and teams looking to get practice time in the arena , or to qualify to play the event.
  • Increased revenue during the event from team training, tournament registration and drink/food sales. More information on this below.
  • Increased credibi lity of the host site as a Laser Sporting venue, leading to opportunities to develop Leagues and competitions on an on - going basi
  • An opportunity to distinguish the site from competitors as ‘ THE ’ place to play Laser Tag. When choosing a place to play Laser T ag, public players will favour the credible Laser Sporting centre over other Laser Tag centres in the region. The 2014 hosts reported a n increase in public traffic to the site after hosting the event.
  • Opportunity to brand Laser Tag in the region as a legitimate sporting and leisure activity for adults and children. This has helped sites enhance patronage from adult public customers as well as corporate and team building clients.
  • Compilation of video, media, photos and other content that contributes to the host sites online presence , all of which will be given to the host site
  • Opportunity for the site operator, managers and staff to experience how a top - level tournament is run
  • Networking opportunities with site operators and players from around the world. The social aspect of the tournament an d the sharing of idea’s and experiences provide significant value to the host site as well as valuable friendships and travel opportunities.
Host Site Requirement

To host the World Titles event, there are some basic requirements :

  • Have at least 30 Helios Pro packs, 2 reloads and 3 bases.(+ With base stations acting as reloads.)
  • Be able to provide exclusive use to the site for a minimum of 60 hours over a 5 or 6-day period, with aprovision of an extra 5 hours if the tournament runs over time on a particular day(s). The maximum time that the tournament can be run in one day is 14 hours. Typically, the tournament is run during the week when public traffic is slow.
  • Provision of a local cooperative and supportive competition coordinator that can assist in sourcing trophies, shirts and a venue for the awards presentation night at the end of the tournament.
  • Provision of staff to open the site and serve drinks and food during the event.
  • Provide a minimum of 20 hours training time in the 3 days leading up to the event for travelling players. (per exemple, in 2014 training time was provided at a fixed cost of $150 AUD per hour)
  • Training costs and time availability can be negotiated depending on individual site requirements. Off-peak, and after-hours training times are fine.
  • Have the arena approved by a designated Worlds Council delegate. Typically, an arena will have the potential for base evacuation zones (a protected area around a base target that players exit when deactivated)
  • Allow the Worlds Council to make minor modifications to the arena, as acceptable and in line with local laws and safety, to ensure it plays in line with World Titles standards.
  • Have an open area or access to an open area close by where a Lord of the Rings (LOR) tournament can berun. LOR is a game where 3 players stand-off in a circle (3 metre diameter) attempting to tag each other. Usually 5 rings are required, with at least1 metre of space between them, and some space for spectators to view around the outside.
  • Allow a trained Worlds Council technician (this maybe a P&C Technician, sponsored by P&C to attend) access to the game servers for extracting game data and access to the Laser Tag equipment for pre-tournament maintenance, OR provision of a trained technician to follow a designated equipment check process and setup of tournament manager software on the servers.
  • Have accommodation and eating facilities close to the site. Expected Revenues & Costs In 2014, Laserzone Sunshine Coast reported the following revenues and costs as a direct result of hostingthe Worlds. These figures do not include the on-going and non-direct revenues from increased exposure as a result of publicity during the event
  • Tournament registration and training costs are re-negotiated for each World Titles event
  • Having some flexibility with the time that the site is available is also an important consideration for the council. For example, not having an issue if an event running behind time means we close the site at 11.30pm instead of 11pm. We have many site operators that have been or are in deed part of the council and they arealways happyto answer questionsandassistin any way they can.If selected you will have thefull assistance of the council and many others, in ensuring a spectacular event.
Tournament Executive Leadership - Council

It is good governance for the Zone Laser Tag World Championship (ZLTWC) to have an operational council of members comprising the head of the ZLTWC, the Chair or president / vice president and the senior leadership team of the ZLTWC.
The executive leadership team will have documented terms of reference that are approved by the ZLTWC council.

The ZLTWC Council is setup with the primary goal of achieving consensus on the strategic plans prepared for the event and its future with oversight of other significant plans which support the following: IT, Media, Human Resources, Site Selection, General Governance and the Rules / Game formats of theZone Laser Tag World Championships.

Procedures will include:
– ongoing review of the governance of the ZLTWC and promotion of good governance principles across the ZLTWC
– monitoring performance of the ZLTWC
– review of work plan / host nominations and information for host sites and players.
– providing leadership of the ZLTWC, including the values and behaviour expected of all
– sharing information about significant operational matters.
– innovation of the ZLTWC
– reviewing the event and taking responsibility for actions or issues arising from the event
where the council have no established guidelines and implement new guidelines as required.

How to apply

To apply to host the next Zone Laser Tag World Championships, please complete the attached nomination form, and attach any photos, maps, and other content that you feel is relevant to demonstrating the specialness of your site.